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Town Council - Colombo

The design concept is influenced by 1920s architectural style. New design elements mixed with innovative futuristic design-methods, added to the existing space helped achieve the desired ambience.

The portrait wall is the main feature of the space. This wall has been modified to highlight the portraits of past Sri Lankan Presidents’. The reframed photos will be centralized and a wall-mounted bookshelf will enclose the photo frames from the top and bottom.

To further enhance the 1920’s theme, the two walls adjacent to the portrait wall will comprise of red velvet curtains and elegant light fixtures. The ceiling will consist of three magnificent chandeliers and on the floor below eighteen grand red and black sofas, will sit on a stylish rug.

The wall opposite to the portrait wall will serve as a background for the digital projector, which will be rigged from the ceiling. The screenings will be projected to the centre of the wall. This brought out the notion of theatre, therefore two theatre drapes were hung on each side of the wall to create a stage like effect. We combined the above factors to design a unique learning environment.